The Original Bargilli Cialda from Montecatini

The Bargilli Cialda is one of a kind, an artisan wafer biscuit, extremely light, tasty and healthy. This orignial recipe has been kept in the family for 80 years, and we have no intention of changing a thing. The tourism of the thermal baths in Montecatini has made the Bargilli Cialda so popular in various parts of the world, that we are proud of attempts to imitate our excellence.


Brigidini by Bargilli

The family Bargilli produces another typical Tuscan biscuit: the Brigidini. The Brigidino Biscuit was invented by Saint Brigida over 1000 years ago. It carries the saint’s name and can be traced back as one of the oldest Tuscan confection bakeries. A very careful artisan preparation, it’s elegant look and the very delicate anise flavour turn it into a refined gift for food lovers.


Cantuccini biscotti by Bargilli

This special recipe has been lovingly handed on for 3 generations in the home of the Bargilli family in Montecatini; finally in the eighties Bargilli decided to produce them for their customers too.
Traditionally hand-made, like in their home, just baked in a larger oven, a product of rare, detectable and finest quality. Pure, hand selected ingredients.


Cantuccini biscotti with pieces of pure Chocolate

This exceptional Bargilli Cantucci exquisitely merges the delight of pure Chocolate bites with traditional savoir fair, resulting in a unique Tuscan delicacy. This amazing hand made biscotto delights the palate. Bargilli respects the seasons and prefers not to produce the chocolate biscotti during the hot summer months in order to guarantee the best possible quality. The perfect joy for chocolate lovers, pure and healthy, straight from Tuscany.